Episode 24

How GRATITUDE can change your life with Dr. Colin Bartoe | Follow The Wolf Podcast Episode 24

Like most of you, Dr. Colin Bartoe is a multitude of different facets. He is a passionate creator of experiences. A collector and distributor of knowledge. And he is on a mission to make the world a better place in as many ways as he can. He is an athlete, skydiver, BASE jumper, flow artist, performer, traveler, gamer, fantasy novel reader, and lover of snuggles.

On the professional front, Dr. Bartoe has been an entrepreneur, professor, and practicing chiropractor in Florida for nearly 9 years, but is currently pivoting careers from physician to data science and healthcare technology in search of a larger scale with which to positively impact the world.

At the end of the day, never forget to ask yourself what you are grateful for, or better yet, ask those around you. For that one moment of gratitude could be the spark of joy that births a flame of change and positivity in someone’s day or life.

In this conversation, Colin shares what he has learned from his work as a chiropractor & his own personal journey in life to overcome depression and anxiety to create a JOY-filled life. AND he even drops his own thoughts on whether or not “energy healing” is REAL.

Peace and Love be with you :)


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