Episode 12

How to Raise your Vibration and Manifest More with Jacquelyn Gioertz | FTW Podcast #12

Jacquelyn Gioertz is the creator of the Goddesses on Fire Mastermind, founder and CEO of Awakening Women LLC and author of the book The Unthinkable Has Happened – A Guide for the Young Widow.

For 22+ years she lived in Germany and traveled the world. Her joy has been teaching others, internationally, to follow their passions and step into their Soul Purpose.

In 1992 she experienced a traumatic, life-changing event which led her deep into the world of Self-Development and the Universal Laws.

Since then, she has been an avid student of the Universal Laws and an Energy Healer, learning and teaching how to engage the Magic of the Universe.

As an Intuitive Transformational Thought Mentor, she strives to inspire and empower all people to embrace their uniqueness, discover their strengths, and tap into the Magic to create the legacy they desire and deserve.

As someone who I relate to as being incredibly tapped into the universal rhythm of things, Jacquelyn Gioertz is someone I deeply admire and revere for her wealth of knowledge on all things related to the metaphysical. In our conversation, we dive deep into a number of conversations including 3 practical tools to elevate your vibration, the 4 different types of clairs, and how knowing yours can help you receive intuitive guidance towards your goals & intentions and the power of allowing the light of your truth to shine. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

Much love and peace be with you.


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My name is Wolf and our mission at Follow the Wolf is to help people unleash their deepest self-expression and elevate the consciousness of the planet. I believe that we often suppress our TRUTH and our LIGHT both consciously and unconsciously and I intend that through conversation we can really get to the core of what lights us up and take radical action towards our larger goals and aspirations in life.

I am a self-proclaimed weirdo who loves and indulges in the many fruits of life such as: Movement & Locomotion, Mindset & Personal Development, Travel and Exploration, Neuroscience and Psychology, Philosophy & Spirituality, Sexuality & Sensuality, and taboo topics such as psychedelics.

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