Episode 4

Acting on Inspiration Through Radical Pro-Activism with Chachi Mendoza | Follow the Wolf Podcast #4

Chachi serves as a Transformational Coach, Energy & Body-Worker, Sound Healer/DJ/Producer, and Super-Conscious Chef. His intention is to Restore Ease, Positive Body Awareness, and Make Sure You Feel at Home, Where Your Heart is!

In His private healthcare practice, He combines multiple modalities of Energywork and Bodywork, integrating a Quantum Approach to belief systems and patterns in life to direct physical manifestations in the body. He utilizes Conscious Language and Coaching techniques to take ownership of our creator-ship and use it for our greatest benefit.

As a Sound Healer and DJ, his influence comes from the Native Roots of the Americas, Weaving a Tapestry between Tribal Drums, Chants, Singing Bowls, Flutes, Cello, Handpan, and Higher Chakra Electronic ambiance, fused with the Powerful Heartbeat Bass of Pacha Mama. You’re sure to find your next best steps Under Grace in Perfect Ways through this Deep Journey of Ecstatic Musical Bliss.

As a Super-Conscious Chef, Chachi brings it back to Intention, and uses its power to infuse every detail of the process in nourishment to create a one of a kind experience.

Shopping for local products with ethical and sustainable brands, all organic food with zero pesticides or herbicides, speaking prayers of love and success and peace into every piece of the puzzle, before putting it together in a ceremonial celebration of ecstatic communion! 

Among many things, Chachi loves to expand his own capacity to love himself, experience life to its fullest, and support the cosmos in doing the same. 

If you are ready for a ride through the universe with rainbows flying out of unicorns butts, then you have come to the right place. And if you didn’t, stick around anyway because you’ll enjoy this conversation as well. In this conversation, Chachi and myself dive wayyy deep into a number of conversations that centered around the necessity for us to surrender to where we are at in our journey and allow ourselves to be a channel for divine inspiration to be expressed. Now this may seem a bit out of there, and truth be told some of it may feel that way, but we get really practical about how we can all bring our intentions into reality with a sprinkle of compassion along the way.

Much love and peace be with you.




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Greetings all :)

My name is Wolf and our mission at Follow the Wolf is to help people unleash their deepest self-expression and elevate the consciousness of the planet. I believe that we often suppress our TRUTH and our LIGHT both consciously and unconsciously and I intend that through conversation we can really get to the core of what lights us up and take radical action towards our larger goals and aspirations in life.

I am a self-proclaimed weirdo who loves and indulges in the many fruits of life such as: Movement & Locomotion, Mindset & Personal Development, Travel and Exploration, Neuroscience and Psychology, Philosophy & Spirituality, Sexuality & Sensuality, and taboo topics such as psychedelics.

All of this to say that I love learning about human behavior, how we can optimize our actions and being while having fun and connecting with people at a soul level.

I love you and pray for your peace,